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    • Severe Slippage
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    Trade Manipulation

    I was trading in gold suppose to be im coming to get profit but then theres a bouncing trend happen which is. after the bouncing trend my trade was become negative all my balance loss. i was in sell and the bounce trend is bullish so i lost all my balance. check out the trend you will see the rain drop . its all about manipulation

    kyle cyrene Published in Qatar
    Scam LiteForex
    very stupid broker

    spread is very higher in time (day change and weekend ) .This is a lie. It is an abuse of trust. I can not continue. It is not honest.

    Moesaw Lawe Published in Myanmar
    Scam Chancellor Precious
    Chancellor with Kinross, Scam my Capital.

    my investment with this company already finish since dec 26 2021, and this company using Chancellor precious metal ( CPM ) as their appointed broker to scam lot of investors money. until now , my initial capital haven't yet refunded by this kinross or from chancellor even i already terminate my contract. investor must be very careful, all costumers services are no responses and email support also not respond.

    Tjandra Gozali Published in Indonesia
    Trade binary

    My trade accounts is it okay but there my profits i can not to withdraw

    FXMLOwmt2701 Published in Philippines
    Severe Slippage BSE
    delay order

    They delay the order for so long

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Kinross
    Kinross don't pay user capital

    my contract with KINROSS already finish long time ago 26 December 2021, and after i choose to terminate my contract and try to withdrawal my capital, until now they haven't returned the capital, still pending! live chat is no response, email no response, system is very manual, no costumers services are respond. all is cover-up.

    james Published in Indonesia
    Severe Slippage BCT

    Beware of it l, they have a very high slippage. irregularities in the slippage. it goes high day by day. do not be cheated

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage FQ Market
    high slippages

    there’s high slippage between the hour of 21:00-23:00 be careful when you trade with them

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage Trade-options

    I made a call to the customer service to report the issue, but they said it a normal thing, after checking other platforms, I see it wasn’t the same. it was different. they tend to increase their own.

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage Relitrade
    Bad Site

    The slippage was serious and my account nearly wipe out, not long after, the mt4 application got stuck, and the account was devastated. It truly suspected of being controlled

    FXBLXwbl2399 Published in Nigeria
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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